Welcome to On Golden Farm

Welcome to On Golden Farm

On Golden Farm

Icelandic Sheep


The Icelandic sheep is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds of sheep. Throughout its 1100 years of history, the Icelandic breed has been truly triple-purpose, treasured for its meat, fiber, and milk.

Unique Products


We offer many different products made from our Icelandic wool. We sell wool in many forms from raw to yarn, as well as handmade wool crafts. Although we do not have any sheep for sale now, we will post as soon as some become available. 

About Me


My name is Susie and I have been raising Icelandic sheep for over 5 years now. Please contact me via email at susieshipley@yahoo.com if you should have any questions. 


Raw Wool

Icelandic fleece is dual-coated and comes in white as well as a range of browns, grays, and blacks. 

Wool Dryer Balls

Replace your chemical dryer sheets with all-natural wool dryer balls. Reduces static and reduces drying time.

Wool Nesting balls

Nice gift for any bird lover (or yourself). Birds use the natural raw wool to use for their nests. 

Locations and Events

Fiber in the Boro - We will have all of our fine wool products and crafts there


November 2, 2019
9am to 5pm
Lane Agricultural Park
315 John Rice Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN

Batch and Bushel


Wilson County Expo Center - 945 E Baddour Pkwy, Lebanon, TN 37087

Starting May 2, 2019, our market will run certainThursdays from 4-7pm through October 24. We will have other farm products such as fresh cut flowers, eggs, and misc. herbs

Other Events


We will also participate in other craft fairs this year. We will update as dates become available.